Master focus! Teach your brain to focus like a Monk!

siddharta_small-75c53A few days ago I was playing online with different concentration exercises from various webpages. The reason for doing this, one that is obvious and some may share is that my freaking brain at times likes to do things on its own and doesn’t want to obey. I am trying to write or something and my brain is digging in what took place yesterday or the day before. What kind of joke is that?


Alright so here is one possible solution and it kind of stinks, it is basically mental exercises. Those are total torture until the mind is kind of centered and mastered. I used 12 exercises that I found in this page and others but those 12 got me in very good mental state after I managed to shut the mind’s automatic distracting tendencies… This was very difficult to do because my mind exhibited little child like behavior and wanting to stop or distract me at all times while doing the exercises. I acquired this sick mind in 30 minutes dealing with a sociopath who tried to kill me and it took me years in fact to get some of my mind’s potential back in order. The fundamental trick is to be able to let go of everything and be present in the current now moment at all times. While doing the exercise the strategy was to always let go and not identify with whatever garbage my mind was rotating and focus on the activity.  Essentially one’s mind shall always be clear but untrained or injured mind ( my case) tends to indulge on default in digging in either the past (memory) or in the future ( imaginations ) which both cause zoning out to some degree and are not real. Being in the current now can be quite difficult if one’s mind does digging in past or future and doesn’t stay in the now moment.  I had very severe brain and nervous system injury several months after graduating college which made my mind at times quite messed up.

While doing the exercises. The mental fatigue was like a barrier in the beginning of each exercise that I had to step over consciously or it would stop me. The more exercises I did the higher the dis tractors became (thirst, hunger, memories, thoughts, visions and etc.) up until near the end where I managed to completely diverge and stop the mind. I experienced a very calm tranquilizing state. Maybe something like weak concentration. I will write another post maybe detailing my experience in each exercise. If you feel you need to master the grey matter distractor give those a shot.


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